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Mission of Gravity, Hal Clement

Mission Of Gravity: Mesklinite Book 1 (S.F. MASTERWORKS) - Hal Clement

This book surely must be the record-holder for having the most endearing athropodic character in fiction <i>and</i> possibly for weirdest planet in fiction! Of course the two are connected; if a planet has a surface gravitational pull never less than three times that of Earth and varying up to 700x that of Earth, intelligent life isn't going to look just like a human with maybe a weird looking forehead or nose.


Clement has very carefully worked out what the consequences of his rapidly spinning, exceedingly cold planet are and built a jolly adventure story round them, with a somewhat piratical, canny, mischievous explorer-trader as the protagonist asked to rescue the science probe visiting humans have lost and are unable to rescue themselves.


Long considered a genre classic and deservingly so.