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The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome - Tony Attwood

Anti-bullying strategies: Aspies are more prone to being the targets of bullies than neurotypicals for reasons that are explained but are probably fairly obvious by this point in the book. The strategies presented here are applicable to everyone, though, and should be adopted by all schools everywhere. One thing that is mentioned in passing is teacher - pupil bullying. This was something I experienced repeatedly and frequently in school from several teachers in the form of character assassinations that proved to have a long-lasting (years after exiting school) and fairly devastating impact, far worse than any and all the pupil-pupil bullying I experienced put together.


One would hope that education (of the school staff) would help prevent this but I'm pretty sure that some teachers (hopefully a very small number) are just willfully ignorant bigots who like emotionally abusing people in their power i.e. pupils. How to deal with such people is much trickier than the already tough problem of school-yard bullies - and there's no advice on it here.


A disturbing chapter to read; I really don't like thinking back to school days; it was a horrible environment for me, though there were numerous positive aspects, too.