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Dollhouse: Epitaphs, The Whedon Clan and some others... ;-)

Dollhouse: Epitaphs - Maurissa Tancharoen, Andrew Chambliss, Jed Whedon, Cliff Richards, Andy Owens

This series is very similar indeed to the Serenity comics, in that they attempt to fill in gaps left by the premature curtailment of the stories told during both series' TV runs. I re-watched Season 2 of Dollhouse in preparation for reading this and that re-familiarisation was probably necessary as I'd forgotten a lot of details from Epitaph 2 (the final episode) that this fairly short comic run attempted to explain. (My memory was hung up on the Magic Bomb plot device that still annoys me - even good writers can fail, especially when they know they don't have the proper amount of time to tell their stories.)


I was delighted to see more of Mag and Zone, who were the real stars of the first Epitaph episode and disappointed not to see Topher, who was the stand-out character of the show as a whole. The stories themselves really serve to further illustrate what we have missed out on: Dollhouse would have been great if it had 5 years or so to tell its story properly. As it is, it remains a relatively obscure Whedon effort that was too challenging for Fox or for the viewers who stayed away in hordes.