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Mechasm, John T. Sladek (Originally titled "The Reproductive System")

Mechasm - John Sladek

Well, here's a heap of absurdity that both pre-dates and sends up all the nanobot apocalypses of SF history - as well as everything else it can think of, including but not limited to, the military, espionage, government research projects, international politics, the space race (we are talking 1968, here) and not least, the author himself, who keeps mentioning The Forklift Truck, a boring technical manual he wrote, in an ironic, self-deprecating way...


The more absurd the exaggerated stereotypical caricature, the more memorable the character, including such loons as the paranoid/murderous CIA agent who has to prevent the enemy from committing suicide, the US Army General who is all bombast and bluster but is hiding an embarrassing secret, the evil scientist who practices dentistry on himself and the journalist who makes up jokey headlines about his own wife absconding with another man.


Three stars worth of silliness.