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Einstein: His Life And Universe - Walter Isaacson

Einstein and General Relativity in the 1920s came under attack from German anti-Semitic Nationalists; "Jewish science" was somehow intrinsically, morally wrong. Recently, Harper, a right-wing pro-business, sod the environment nightmare, banned Canadian government employees (including scientists) from discussing climate change. The same has happened under Trump. I believe some science and scientists were repressed/persecuted under Stalin, also. The number of religious movements that deny all or some science is beyond easy count. There seems to be some connection between fervid Nationalist/Authoritarian/Totalitarian/Religious extremist thought that simply attempts to deny our best understanding of reality if it contradicts or inconveniences it and to impose this fake world-view on everyone else. It should rings as many alarm bells as loudly as those now sounding about blatant or more subtle anti-feminist, racist, Nationalist, militaristic, hetero-normative, trans-discriminatory policies and attitudes we are daily confronted with.


I would like to confirm that my view on Stalin is correct as I can't conjure any definite examples, it's just a vague notion that I've come across evidence of it before. I'd really like to hear from you if know of any supporting or contradictory evidence.


I'd also like to hear views on my thesis that science routinely comes into conflict with extreme views simply because it is the most balanced and sceptical world view humanity as ever invented.