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Top 10 Berin 2018 - J├╝rgen Scheunemann
It's been an eventful day!
I vomited on the plane...while it was still refuelling, before we moved a centimetre. For no clear reason.
I was so fed up of being covered in my own vomit that - hang the cost - I'd get a taxi straight to my hotel.
But the Berlin Marathon had closed numerous streets and I got dumped who knows where? Well, probably the taxi driver, but between his English and my German, all I understood was the cause, not where we were or how to get to the hotel.
I briefly admired the in-line skater marathoners - the runners go tomorrow - then using impressive (?) adulting and map-reading skills got to the hotel, observing that there was a LEGO shop only one block away.
Said shop was impressive, with a model Brandenburg gate taller than me and a "life-size" R2D2 model. Also several built displays of actually purchasable sets, the most impressive (to me) being the gigantic UCS Millenium Falcon. Also the famous Brick Wall of pick-a-brick loose pieces for purchase and much else besides in a not very big by local standards shop.
On the other hand, i need a new pair of trousers due to previously mentioned vomitous experience. Berlin men's fashion appears to consist of:
Jeansjeansjeansjeansjeansjeansjeansjeans running gear, more jeans and formal wear.
Now I'm back in the hotel, telling you that this book (and it's pull-out map) saved my bacon. Never before have I truly desired a smartphone.