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Charlottenburg Palace: Royal Prussia In Berlin - Rudolf G. Scharmann

The King's Bed was never used, with the possible exception of Frederic I's wedding night. The King's Bathroom, on the other hand, probably was used routinely...


Moving out of the Charlottenburg district, here's some pics of Flagon and Speedy visiting the Berlin Wall at Pottsdamerplatz:




Flagon: Roar! This Wall isn't very good. I could easily fly over it!

Speedy: Snuffle! And I could scurry through these gaps!

Arbie: Well, it was built to stop humans, not Dragons or hedgehogs - and it didn't have big gaps back in the Cold War - these are just pieces that have been kept after the Wall was knocked down, so people don't forget.

Flagon: Roar! I see.

Speedy: Snuffle. Good idea to remind people!

Arbie: Those big photos over there show what this place was like when the Wall still stood.

Flagon: *Eyes bug out* Roar!

Speedy: *Eyes bug out* Snuffle!

Arbie: *Eyes bug out* Scary!