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Charlottenburg Palace, Rudolf G. Scharmann

Charlottenburg Palace: Royal Prussia In Berlin - Rudolf G. Scharmann

This slim but large-format book is really a souvenir for visitors to Schloss Charlottenburg and is therefore rightly primarily about the images, reproducing some of the art work as well as the palace exterior, interior and gardens. additionally the text gives an interesting, if superficial, history of building, gardens and occupants (the Hohenzollern Dynasty) from first construction to post-WWII reconstruction (which is on-going). It's got most visitors covered, I suspect, with editions in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian - even German! There were a couple of subtle translation errors, "plastic" again and "stove" for "fire-place," but nevermind - the pics are fab, inculding one of my favourite object from those I saw, the White Harpsichord, which is white (duh!) with Chinoise paintings all over and was played by Charlotte herself, who was a keen musician and all-round intellectual. This was particularly delightful to me as a fan of Baroque era music and harpsichord pieces in particular.


There are LOTS more pics I like from my Berlin visit but here's just four more:


Flagon and Speedy went to see Neptune in Alexanderplatz:




Flagon says, roar! I whoosh FIRE out of my nose! This character is whooshing WATER from his!

Speedy says, snuffle! Different!


They also visited Alte Nationalgalerie on Museuminsel: