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Thomas Middleton: The Collected Works -  MacDonald P. Jackson (Editor),  John Jowett (Editor),  John Lavagnino,  V. Wayne, Gary Taylor, Thomas Middleton

The Patient Man...Sc.2: Candido is the titular Patient Man. His wife, Viola, is determined to provoke him to anger for no sound reason and plots with her brother, Fustigo, to achieve her obsession. The foundatins for comedic shenanigans are thus put in place.


The phrase "Lend me your ears," famous from Shakeseare's Julius Caesar, recurs here and is in fact proverbial.


"Whiblin" (= cheater/double-dealer) is a great word! Love it! I can think of a few people I'd like to say, "You whiblin, you!" to. This word needs to be brought back in to common usage.