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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8, Volume 3 - Joss Whedon, Georges Jeanty, Jane Espenson, Steven S. DeKnight, Drew Z. Greenberg, Jim Krueger, Doug Petrie, Cliff Richards, Karl Moline I've shelved this as a naffic-grovel but it isn't really; it's a collection of comics. Which is one reason why I am not all that keen; it's too episodic - not structured much like a novel at all. Bits of it stand out as really good, other bits fade quickly from memory. The best bits seem to have been written by Jane Espenson, who, whilst not being a legend, like Joss Whedon, has contributed to numerous SF/fantasy/supernatural TV shows as a writer and for me stands out as the best Buffy writer there was who wasn't called Joss. She seems to have remembered what everybody else (including Joss) has forgotten in the transfer away from TV to comic; Buffy was a show about a family with fairly normal problems...plus demons and demon fighters and bad guys who were funny. The epic scale open to people who can draw anything they want instead of having to film it is actually a distraction. Guns are getting more prevalent; they were a rarity in the TV show and always used with care aforethought. Here we have a pitched battle with tanks, torpedoes and AK47s. Hardly feels like Buffy at all.

Another problem I have with the transfer to comics is that it is quite difficult to tell which character is which sometimes. Xander is pretty distinctive with his eye patch but the ever increasing number of Slayers get harder and harder to differentiate which makes what relationship based story-lines there are harder to follow. And is it really about Buffy anymore? Seems like she is barely even first among equals here.

That said, I will see out Season 8 and complete my set of these four Library Editions, which are gorgeous, with their larger format, hard covers and bonus material in the back, before deciding whether to bail and read Dollhouse instead...although the magic bomb at the end of Season 2 of that still bugs me...