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The Metatemporal Detective - Michael Moorcock This collection of short fictions consists of pastiches of several genres woven into the framework of Moorcock's gargantuan Eternal Champion "series". They are competent enough except that the detective story elements are not well done, being too predictable. The other problem is that the whole Law vs. Chaos/Eternal Champion/Cosmic Balance/Multiverse thing is now so overdone as to be boring. Unless you haven't read much Moorcock, of course.

Some of the earlier Eternal Champion sagas contained more or less cryptic satires of Britain and Europe and the USA. Here we have blatant Nazi and IRA bashing. Easy targets. The former may be part of the homage to the pulp fiction era where cartoon Nazis featured as bad guys, in a similar way to Inglourious Basterds' homage to a certain era of WWII adventure movies.

I get the feeling that Moorcock has been able to turn out material like this in his sleep for two or three decades...