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Wicked Appetite - Janet  Evanovich "Hi, my name's Stephanie Plum Somebody Else and I'm just like Stephanie Plum except I bake cupcakes and have a Magical Talent instead of being a bounty hunter. You don't know who Stephanie Plum is? You should buy one of her books! There are heaps! She's not a supermodel but she's sexy, she doesn't have an intimidating set of qualifications but she's still smart and sassy and she has two dangerous, mysterious hunks who fancy her! So she's just like me - except I only have one mysterious, dangerous hunk who fancies me but he can't shag me or we'd lose our Magical Talents. The other one is a bad guy who doesn't fancy me - except I'm not sure really which one is the bad guy - maybe both are! Anyway, I fancy the "good" guy but I can't shag him 'cos we'd lose our Magical Talents! Did I already say that?

"Anyway, just like Stephanie Plum, I have preposterous adventures, only mine are even more preposterous because they involve Magic! Soon I'll have heaps of books too because Evanovitch writes them at about one a week, which is easy for her, because apparently they are all the same! Anyway, I have to go now - feeling frustrated 'cos of this Magical Artifact that makes me horny but I can't shag this great guy I met because then we'd lose our Magical Talents! I already said that? Sorry!"

Complete waste of time and probably the most boring "magic system" I've ever come across. I recommend running away screaming if you are presented with this book.