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Cathedral Cats - Richard Surman, Giles Semper Cathedral Cats is a delight for lovers of cats and the title tells you what to expect; photos of cats that live in cathedrals! Surman has made a good job of photographing the kitties who were variously unco-operative, attention seekers, models wearing fur and mischeivious as one might expect. The text consists of a mixture of anecdotes about the history and exploits of the cats and tales of their photo-shoots, along with some interesting comments on the architecture of the Cat-thedrals themselves (sorry, couldn't resist). For instance, which British cathedral has a cat-sized Gothic Arch? Find out in this wonderful book! There is a disproportionate number of Dinner Jacket Cats in the book and no Tuxies whatsoever, but then, we are talking about both Britain and cathedrals, so smartly dressed cats in formal attire with a dislike of American terms for clothing are to be expected.

This is the first of a series that includes Church Cats and Country House Cats (possibly others, too). I have the privilege of knowing one of the human servants mentioned in Country House Cats - but I've never met the cat!