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Bone Idle - Suzette A. Hill My literary claim to fame is that I suggested the title of this book to the author...

The title of this book is pure genius!

Anyway, as I have mentioned before, if you hang around in Ledbury Books and Maps for long enough you are likely to run into one or more of the local literary figures (of which there seem to be an inordinate number), including Suzette Hill, who self-published the first in this series, A Load of Old Bones, before being picked up by her current publisher who has brought out five "Bones" books in total, now.

If you ever had any doubt about whether authors come under pressure for endless sequels from their publishers, I can dispel it for you: Suzette told me whilst writing the fourth book,"They won't let me kill him off!" She was speaking of the Reverend Oughterard, main protagonist of this book - Canon of Molehill, hapless criminal and searcher in vain for the quiet life with plenty of peace to play piano.

Oughterard is still unwittingly assisted by his two self-installed pets, Maurice the cat and Bouncer the dog, although sometimes their help only makes matters worse. The newly promoted Canon is also still under the thumb of unscrupulous art dealer from Brighton, Nicholas Ingaza, and under investigation for murder - again!

This third outing is something of a return to form, being much better plotted than the fairly incoherent second volume, but is not as funny as the first. The primary strength of the book, as usual, is the characterisation (or caricaturisation, possibly) and I think it unlikely that you will have come across a crime series quite like this one before. So, if you want something different, amusing and enjoyably lightweight to read, don't be idle - go pick up a "Bones" book!