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Corbenic - Catherine Fisher

Catherine Fisher has a catalogue of fantasy fiction that explores Greek, Egyptian, Norse and Celtic mythology in just the half dozen or so volumes I've read, so it comes as no surprise to find that Corbenic turns out to be her contribution to Arthurian fantasy. The Grail Quest is tackled in a way reminiscent of The Owl Service's approach to the story of Blodauwedd: A teenager escaping from a life of poverty and early responsibility, looking after her alcoholic and possibly psychotic mother, finds himself getting off the train to freedom at the wrong station, Corbenic.

The next day, after a night of visions, he returns to his familiar Wales, but finds it impossible to just ignore his time in a place he cannot find on a map - and is drawn reluctantly into a quest to heal himself and the Waste Land.

Another high quality work from Fisher, though not perhaps at her absolute best, has added resonance for me as it is set in Wales, with a brief interlude in Bath - places I love and know well. The train journey from Bangor to Newport is also familiar to me and I can assure the less familiar reader that there is no Corbenic Station on the line.