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Ted Hughes and the OCD of Complete Reading

Shakespeare and the Goddess of Complete Being - Ted Hughes

I occasionally get OCD about completing lists. The worst case was when I was hiking all the 2,000ft summits of Wales and was leaving for the USA with half a dozen or so to go...I would have gone completely nuts having to wait three years to finish...but I also get like this about writers sometimes, when I've read most of their stuff - I need to track down that obscure book that no-one reads just to be able to say I've read everything.


Well, I'm at that stage with Ted Hughes - there's hardy anything he wrote for adults that I haven't read - but this monster of a book about Shakespeare's plays is one book still needing to be ticked off. I spotted it in a 2nd Hand store that focuses mainly on 1st Eds. and old eds. months ago but was repulsed by the price tag...


Recently I checked whether I could get a new copy: Fifty pounds for a print-on-demand. Back I went to the 2nd Hand store where I picked up this 1st Edition  with slightly damaged dust cover for 45 quid...