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I Am a Cat
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Retro 80s LEGO Technic car
Retro 80s LEGO Technic car

Originally belonging to my brother and stored in an attic for decades, I recently rescued this. Unfortunately some parts are missing (possibly still lurking in the attic) and some parts seem to have warped or expanded, because the gearbox no longer works. If you leave it in "neutral" the engine pistons still work and the rack and pinion steering mechanism still operates nicely. The seat backs are prone to falling horizontal because the elastic bands providing tension have perished but over-all it's still impressive.


It's the most difficult LEGO project I've ever done, for two reasons:

1) The instructions are much less clear than in modern kits and

2) The assembly in places is very awkward and fiddly and the design is not overly robust during construction (again, modern kits don't seem to have that problem).


The instructions show a method of modifying the kit to be driven by a LEGO motor if yuo have one (the motor is not included in the kit).


EDIT: I've figured out/fixed the gear box so it works properly now!