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Collected Later poems, R.S. Thomas

Collected Later Poems: 1988-2000 - R.S. Thomas

This book contains the collections published in the last decade of Thomas's life and the posthumous collection, Residues.


Thematically, it is largely more of the same concerns that featured through-out his career, namely Wales, its people (particularly its farming people), Christian faith (and doubt), technology and its impact on all of the above. Structurally it is more experimental. For instance, the opening section consists of a series of short poems each prefaced by a more or less cryptic few sentences of prose, the one without the other not making a readily intelligible whole.


There is worthwhile material here but I felt that his best work was mostly behind him at this point and a higher concentration of top-notch work can be found in Collected Poems 1945-1990.