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Fyre, Angie Sage

Fyre - Angie Sage

Due to popular request, this review is written by guest blogger, Flagon the Fierce and Friendly Welsh Dragon! YAY!


ROAR! Hello, everyone! Flagon Dragon, here! {{{HUG!}}}

So, I like listening to stories and stories with Dragons in are my favourites, as long as the Dragon isn't a Pesky one. Well, no Pesky Dragons in this one, so that's a good start! There are two non-Pesky Dragons, though but one of them is also a boat, which is a bit weird! In fact they don't feature as much as in some of the earlier books in the series but it's still a fun story.


It's the last book in this series and what an entertaining Adventure the Septimus books have proved to be. Angie Sage is really good at characterisation and character/dialogue based comedy so you are guaranteed lots of chuckles along the way. If you've been wondering what happened to Petroc Trelawney since the first book, like I have, you need to read this one!